Hi people.

An article in english for once.

I was looking at an interview of Nicole Kidman on the very good youtube channel DP30  who appears to have using plastic surgery or botox injections. I felt so sad. A so gorgeous, talented, clever and funny lady like her. It’s the magic of movies washing away by pressure of the appealing. Thank you Hellywood.
Then a woman came to defend her appearence with harsh words and judging comments on me. I stayed polite, trying to tell what I see and feel about this practice, but she’s was not willing to read. She only came back with her own way of looking at things, like people do when they refuse a dialog. We all do sometimes.
I spare you the contradictions of the bottomless flow of insults written in a precise english (this person can be very educated but totally violent) through all the exchange but I keep this words of mine:

– This amount of verbal violence to defend external beauty reminds me a quote from « Amercian Beauty » about beeing cute outside while beeing ugly inside.

– It seems in this subject that the main battle is about the definition of beauty.
What is the beauty in a human face?
– Is it a smooth face like young people?
– Is it a face that translate the age of the person?
– Can we look at a 50 yo woman and appreciate her wrinkles? I think yes. A 80 yo lady can be beautiful. Every age got his own way of beeing beautiful.
– Is youth the only good way of looking? Is it saying that old age is bad? Are we judging negatively elders?
– Are we afraid of aging? Is the Hollywood system based on fear of aging? Is Hollywood ruling by fear? Some people say so.

Is Hollywood ruling by fear?

– And are we allow to express ourselves when we feel deception when an splendid, clever, funny and talented woman uses these tricks to keep getting acting jobs?

I think the real beauty is in the truth. In what it IS. Is the grass green? Yes? So it’s green. Agreed.

How does it translate in a everyday discussion?
– « The sky is grey this morning. »
– « Why do you say that? It’s indecent to say that the blue sky is grey, shame on you! »
– « I just say it’s a cloudy sky. Look up and see for yourself. »
– « No, you are souless! »
– « … » (the rest is denial, insults, blaming, personal criticism, etc.)

Here’s Jodie Foster in 2016 at Cannes in a Vanity Fair article. Just look without thought and observe how a natural human face looks. I choose her but it could be many others great female and male actors in the industry.


I understand the immense pressure these beauties are under to stay in competition with younger actresses.  It just pains me to see women I honestly respect as actors look like caricatures of themselves because of their insecurities.
– Cassandra Hough –


Maybe it’s time for the aging actors and actresses to say a big « screw you » to the producers who don’t give jobs to them and start to claim back their right to be an older person. Stop this tyranny of youth! If some couragous women can refuse that, maye others can do it too. Maybe Hollywood is a giant with fragile feets.
— Some people said to me that’s sad to judge a person for their personal choices.
I respond that what is sad, it’s that a talented and beautiful actress like Kidman need to modifiy her face to get the jobs she deserves. And if a public person do something to herself that can be considered like a not-so-good example, I think it’s fair to express a concern about it.

Here is  the natural beauty of Ali McGraw in a manrepeller article:


A pragmatical quote from 63-year-old actress Sigourney Weaver who is against plastic surgery:

“Actors’ faces have to move,” she said, “I do think life should put lines on your face, or you’re not getting out enough.”

And from 52 year-old Julianne Moore:

“Cosmetic surgery itself starts to look normal, and we lose track of what a real face is like » said the Crazy, Stupid, Love star. “I don’t know that they really made anybody look younger. I think most of the time they made you look like you’ve had something done to your face”.

It’s simple as that.
And the angry one respond: « We don’t give a sh*t about blah blah… » Not really helpful for a better world.